Check Ups

A dental check up is recommended every 6 months. However, the interval between visits to the dentist may be shorter or longer depending on your individual circumstances. It isn’t recommended to go any longer than 12 months between dental appointments, as in that time, preventable problems could become far worse.

At ProDenta, we offer a comprehensive check up process to keep your oral hygiene up to scratch. During your check up, we will carry out the following procedures:

  • Meticulously check the surfaces and crevices of your teeth and between your teeth for any decay
  • Record your gum health and assess for any issues
  • Assess your mouth for any signs of bacterial infections on any soft tissues
  • Check for oral cancer
  • Check for any other problems with your jaw, neck or throat
  • Check your jaw joint, or TMJ
  • Check your bite, or occlusion
  • Offer comprehensive oral health advice, tailored specifically to your personal oral health
  • Provide a cosmetic assessment, and consult with you on next steps

Hygienes at ProDenta form an essential part of keeping your gums healthy, as problems with bleeding gums or receding gums are a sign of gum disease – which can lead to tooth loss. The frequency of these appointments depends on your personal history of gum disease, among other individual factors. We will discuss this with you during your first visit.

Your dental hygiene is important. At ProDenta, we always focus on prevention before treatment. If we keep your teeth and gums healthy together, you’ll be less likely to need any other treatments. You can enjoy a perfect smile for years and years to come.