About Us: Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simply to keep dentistry as friendly and stress free as possible.   We have a patient centred approach, which means the focus of your care is to keep you as comfortable as possible and achieve the best possible results.

We are here to treat people well. We have extensive experience in all forms of routine treatment operating under the principle that prevention is better than cure. We therefore place great emphasis on oral hygiene and good tooth-brushing technique. We have a long term approach to your care to ensure that you understand your dental condition now and what may happen in the future.

Over the years we have also built up a comprehensive database of specialists for immediate referral and treatment wherever necessary to ensure you receive the best we can offer.

However in most cases it is a simple matter of pain relief and restoration, which can be treated efficiently at the practice.  In all cases prevention of any further deterioration becomes our priority. Hence you will notice a lot of emphasis on – and talking about maintenance plans and at home care.

Children are welcome at Prodenta and we have a special plan to keep them motivated about looking after their teeth. Furthermore,  and we are always available for advice so feel free to call or email.

Once we have you smiling we can look at ways to improve your smile using a variety of cosmetic techniques.

We only work with leading suppliers of dental products ensuring the highest quality results


Our Details:

ProDenta T/a Shubhra Smiles, Limited
Company No. 7546893
Registered in England and Wales