Skincare Consultations with Flori Pastor

We are delighted to offer consultations on Sunday mornings and by appointment with our resident skincare professional, Flori Pastor @ £50

What happens at my consultation?

Flori will speak to you mainly about your skincare concerns and goals, as well as your routine. She is well versed in many products she has found to be highly effective over the years, and will recommend them for you. Unlike some clinics, we are not owned or endorsed by any product manufacturers. As such, Flori can and will recommend a range of products for you to source yourself – free of bias or mark up.

Flori will also advise as to whether additional aesthetic treatments may be helpful. Treatments like Mesotherapy, Skin Peels or Micro Needling may be helpful. She can also refer you to our practitioners for Wrinkle Reduction, Anti-Aging Skin treatments and of course, Dental Health.

About our treatments:


This is designed to rapidly improve dull, tired-looking skin. It can reduce superficial wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, and give your skin a glow.

This specialist technique uses specially-formulated vitamin and enzyme injections into the dermis of the skin to rejuvenate and restore. Floare uses a highly technical device, the almighty Pistor Meso Gun, to distribute the treatment evenly to exposed areas in a comfortable and professional way.

She’s a sharpshooter, but she’s gentle!

SINGLE Mesotherapy @ £195

COURSE of 4 @ £695 (taken at 1 per month)

Glycolic Skin Peels

For dull, ageing skin, sun damage, acne, melasma, pigmentation, acne scars, fines lines and enlarged pores.

These products are designed to remove layers of tired, dull skin, revealing the new layers underneath. Look forward to your skin looking brighter, glowing, and more radiant.

NUNNI: Our chemical peel is a combination of Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Salicilic Acid. It is suitable for all skin types.

This specialist combination is designed to provide a number of different treatments for your skin that all complement one another, such as brightening and evening skin tone, refreshing skin, and reducing blemishes. However, it isn’t as deep as some other peels, which can leave you red for days!

Down time is minimal. You may be red for the rest of the day, but it will fade back to normal by the following day.

SINGLE Peel @ £100

COURSE of 4 Peels @ £350 (taken at 1 per month)

The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel® is a revolutionary medium-depth peel that will transform the skin into looking younger, healthier and clearer in just one week. It works from the inside to repair and nourish the skin, refine pores, improve skin hyperpigmentation, lift melasma, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improving acne and acne marks.

The Perfect Peel® blends Glutathione, Kojic Acid, TCA, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, L-Ascorbic Acid with minerals and vitamins, resulting in skin that is brighter and tighter.

To follow The Perfect Peel, you are given an individual home kit. This pack contains Retinol wipes and a Vitamin C moisturiser to assist the peeling process and enhance your results.

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Skincare Consultation

£ 50