Shubhra is excellent – knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic is clean, modern and welcoming and Kasha the practice manager is always helpful. It certainly makes the bi annual visits to the dentist a little less painful!


I used to go to a practice next door to where I live but after seeing four different dentists in two years i switched to Shuhbra Lallu at Prodenta and have been absolutely delighted. Great advice, good service and nice people


I hadn’t been to the dentist in years on account of nerves; however, I bit the proverbial bullet and came to see Prodenta. It was awesome! I’ve never felt so calm and collected in a dentist chair and they have some cool technology I found really interesting!


Just a short thank you for the wonderful job you have done on my teeth. I have had so many comments felt I had to thank you again. I think what I like most is that nobody realised I had had work dome on my teeth. they just thought I looked particularly well which in the circumstances is extraordinary. gives me a huge boost to my confidence.

Ros W

Confident and experienced dentist who takes the time to sit down with you and explain treatments fully. Life long patient!


Fantastic experience, They really take the time to explain the treatments and make you feel relaxed. I had some cosmetic dentist work done and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the results!

Katy Williams

I was beginning to lose hope in finding a good dentist because of bad experiences in the past. I’ve spent twenty years looking for a good dentist until a friend, and colleague, of mine recommended that I visit Prodenta …it’s been two years now since I have been regularly visiting Prodenta and I haven’t regretted it once. .. I highly recommend you visit Prodenta!


Excellent, extremely friendly private dentist practice. To say this is a private dentist, I think it is very good value for money. The dentist I saw was very helpful, friendly and really put me at ease. Would definitley recommend to anyone who lives in this area.


I recommend them extremely highly.


I often tell people about Prodenta – definitely the most reasonably priced teeth whitening in London and a very good service to match!


Great to meet you and nice to see someone who is honest in their appraisal and doesn’t try and rip every penny out of a client!


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the work you have done on my teeth. I am very impressed and cannot believe what a huge difference it has made! My agent, family and friends are also very impressed! Thank you!!!


Thank you for your wonderful cosmetic dentistry. I was particularly impressed by your technical talent, skill, patience and precision. I have received terrific value for money and now have the cheesiest smile on the planet and this is all down to you.. Prodenta dental practice has been my find Thank you!


This is only an email to say thank you for all the work you have done on my teeth. I keep getting told how nice they look and I can see from before and after pics what a difference they have made! I know it’s not even the real thing yet, so I’m over the moon with excitement to have them fitted.Anyway, just thought I’d let you know how happy I am with all your work and I’ve been recommending you left, right and centre. I think people are getting sick of me going on about you now! ;-) See you on the 17th!


I just wanted to let you know that I was at my ‘other’ dentist yesterday and he thought my veneer looked fantastic. He said that even with his 4x magnifying glasses on that he couldn’t tell it wasn’t a real tooth until he looked at the back of it. He was really impressed. Thought you’d like the feedback.


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you have done. im very pleased, thank you


Thank you very much for the photos! And loving my new teeth!


My teeth look fabulous – so pleased with your work.


Many thanks. Teeth are great!


Sorry for the belated response! Suffice it to say that I won’t be filing for a refund anytime soon! Actually, that won’t suffice; I must elaborate! I’ve been extraordindarily happy with my ‘new teeth’ and have seen my confidence and happiness soar as a result. Things are generally going really well and I’m just a happy boy enjoying his time right now. I can’t thank you enough and would like to wish you and your practice a happy xmas and new year.Enjoy your holiday!


Thanks a million for the treatment thus far and the breakdown below, fingers crossed nothing will flare up but thanks also for providing the medication if it does. Have a great time over Christmas, enjoy Nice and lets get something booked in early on your return.


P. is really well and her teeth are amazing. They look natural not like the usual Super Shaped Shockers you see people with. I keep telling her what a brilliant guy you are. (Note to self remind her I’m pretty ok too once in a while as well).


I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for being patient with me and for my new caps. I am happier everyday with them. They are not *perfect* but i also like that too now.So thanks for your help.

Susan B

A friend of mine may be calling you. Her name is A.A. Be kind to her just as you’ve been kind to me. By the way, you won’t believe how many comments I have had on my teeth this week (or how many times I have snuck away to a mirror to admire them myself).


My teeth look really good and think the whole process has been straight forward and well managed by all at Prodenta…Another 5 star google review on its way!

Pat H

I just wanted to say thanks as my gums seem to be much better now you taught me that new brushing technique.


Arriving at the surgery I was immediately impressed by the calm, unhurried atmosphere, the comfortable surroundings and a personal greeting the Dr. He made me feel very at ease and was non-judgemental about my dental neglect


Just a short thank you for the wonderful job you have done on my teeth. I have had so many comments, felt I had to thank you again. I think what I like most is that nobody realised I had had work done on my teeth. they just thought I looked particularly well which in the circumstances is extraordinary. gives me a huge boost to my confidence


I love my new white teeth, thank you so much, have had lots of comments today.


Thanks for your very nice and helpful consultation. I was quite happy on my way back home because I had a feeling that at last I found a fantastic experienced dentist.


The impact has been just brilliant. I just feel fantastic every day. I find myself just being alot more confident and self assured in everything I do. Went out last friday for the first time since the new teeth and just loved the feeling of knowing that my smile was evident and im sure people noticed that did nt even know me. JUST BRILLIANT. Anyway thanks for your patience and guidence and of course your skill.It was worth every penny.


Shubhra is a fantastic dentist! I felt really horrible about my teeth and it was getting me down. I finally got the courage to do something about it and was recommended to have my teeth veneered. The finished result is absolutely amazing and has given me a sense of confidence I have not felt before.

Jon Buchan

What relief to find a Dentist who doesn’t make me feel bad about my teeth and offers realistic solutions to my problems. You all seem so happy at Prodenta and this made me feel particularly comfortable. Thank you.