The Power of Teeth Whitening

£50 off Teeth Whitening


It’s no surprise that the majority of adults in the UK want white teeth. Not only do they look dazzling, but there are some very eye opening stats that make having whiter teeth a no-brainer. Did you know:

  • Whiter teeth can make you look up to 20% more attractive
  • Pearly whites can improve your employment potential by 10%
  • Most people associate whiter teeth with earning £10,000 more annually
  • White teeth improves the perception of success, or a better education
  • Whiter teeth can make the difference when applying for a new job, or getting a date

A study carried out recently by Oral B polled 2,000 Brits and professional dentists to find out how important teeth whitening was to the country as a whole. Over 75% wanted celebrity smiles like Holly Willoughby, Simon Cowell or Kate Middleton, and over a third associated beautifully glittering smiles with greater wealth, higher status, a better education, and more attractiveness. The psychology on teeth whitening is clear!

Of course, the best time to step out for nights on the town, festive parties and celebrations is over Christmas and New Year. That’s why, for December and January, ProDenta are offering our patients a special Christmas gift.

Do you have a friend or a loved one who’s looking to dazzle their Christmas party guests? Are you throwing the New Years soirée to end all New Years soirées? Well, just for you, we’re offering up to £100 off teeth whitening for Christmas and New Year. If you book in for teeth whitening in December or January for both you and a friend, you’ll receive a massive £50 off each whitening treatment – that means a saving of up to £100 together!

All you need to do is contact us to book in for teeth whitening treatment with your friend, loved one, or party partner in crime, and you’ll receive the £50 discount off our usual price of £250. It couldn’t be easier!

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