All You Need to Know About Mouth Cancer

What do Michael Douglas, Sigmund Freud and Diane von Furstenberg have in common?

They have all been diagnosed with oral cancer.

The number of mouth cancer rates have been rapidly increasing over the last decade, and the latest predictions indicate that the trend is set to continue. In fact, mouth cancer claims more lives than cervical and testicular cancer combined, and results in more yearly deaths than road traffic accidents!

So, to coincide with Mouth Cancer Action Month, we have a visual graphic to share with you; outlining the risk factors, early detection methodstreatment, and prevention tactics that you can take to prevent and beat oral cancer.

Mouth Cancer Action Month Graphic

So why are 1 in 10 people unaware of the risks of mouth cancer?

While smoking and alcohol are more well knows as risk factors, poor diet is becoming increasingly considered as a risk, as well as the HPV virus – more commonly known as herpes.

So, be Mouthaware:

  • That first-thing morning cigarette doubles your chances of developing mouth cancer. Ditch it!
  • Heavy alcohol consumption links to a third of mouth cancer cases. Cut down!
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV), or herpes, is predicted to take over as a leading cause of mouth cancer. Be aware!


With oral cancer, early diagnosis is essential. Survival rates increase from 50% to a whopping 90% with early diagnosis. That’s why, for the month of November, we’re offering free oral cancer screenings at ProDenta. Just book an appointment online, or come in and see us.

Mouth Cancer can have a variety of representations. If you notice any lumps, red or white patches, or ulcers that aren’t healing; don’t ignore them. Get it checked by your dentist or GP, and be Mouthaware.

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